Some Podcasts I like

Here comes a list of a few Podcasts I`ve learned to love so far:

BUGSPOD – Punk, Politik, OpenSource + Linux

BUGSPOD is a roughly updated podcasts in german, that focuses on GNU/Linux, anarchism , OpenSource and D.I.Y.-punk-culture. I would like to see it updated more often.

Freie Radios Podcast is network of the few free radios in germany and austria. Almost everything they air can be downloaded thru that podcast. Updated on a daily basis, its quiete hard to find the things you are interesting but you`ll find some nice pieces every day.

Chaosradio Express

This podcast by the german hacker group «Chaos Computer Club» is about computers, the internet and media in general.


NoTalkRadio airs five podsafe; creative commons songs every friday. For all the free music lovers 😉

Infoshop Podcast

Ui thats the only english one in my list. What shall I say? Nice podcast, but the feed doesn`t seem to be used right now.


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