What I did today

In the morning I downloaded the Kein Bock auf Nazis DVD and watched it, it was quiet nice but somehow I expected much more music, because the project was mainly established my different german musicians.
I went outside to jumb around a couple of times, had quiet a lot fun there alone. Made some edits for the German Anarchopedia , which had some really nice article improvements in the last few days.
Found a really nice Video about behaviour on demonstrations you can find it here.
Wrote a couple of emails, and I still have to sent some. I had to get a printer in here for printing a couple of textes e.g. the dropping out for students zine by crimethinc., I finaly managed to move the printer from its old mother-computer, which doesnot work atm, into this room and the zine gets printed right now.
I published my cimrethinc. direct action guide translation project on Anarchopedia, please help me there 😉 Just go to http://deu.anarchopedia.org/index.php/Projekt:Direct Action Guide.
Somehow I just managed to fall of my office-chair a few minutes ago, its really hardly broken and a hurt my leg ;-(

Also I realised today that my holidays really starts to give me some more power I do not feel such desilludionated and powerless as I do alot of times after school, my energy ist almost bursting over I do not know where to start there is so much to do, ya know.


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