Rethink »Rethinking Crimethinc.«

W. posted the quite interesting Crimethinc. critique »Rethinking Crimethinc.« on Anarkismo. I kind of waited for such a critique and am going to write one in the near future, but I think its not that simply as W. writes.

Although I agree with W. in most of his points, I think Crimethinc. shouldn’t be reduced to dropping out, dumpster diving and so on. There are a lot of really intersting and usefull texts by crimethincers, in fact I think the traditional and “more crimethinc.” anarchrist movement should learn from each other.

I completly disagree with the concept of dropping out as an general revolutionary Act, but it can be exactly as revolutionary, if drop outs do not just sit around, eat garbage and feel liberated but use their time for antipolitical activities, as anarcho-syndicalist union organisation (just an example for the traditional movement). The Crimethinc. critiques of the traditional movement are often a bit over the edge but they often have some truth in it. The traditional movement often really is too much fixated on the history (spanish civilwar) but that doesn’t mean that we have to reject our history! Our history is important because it shows us where we’d come from and what we did wrong in the past times, also we should pay tribute to all anarchists before us, without them these ideas of freedom and self-organisation would be lost today. But we shouldn’t forget to focus, mainly, on the world today.

So my personal opinion is: Crimethinc. has some good points which shouldn’t be ignored. On the same hand the traditional anarchist movement has some good points that shouldn’t be ignored so… lets have a mixture of all the good points and voila maybe that could really help the anarchist movement overall.

In diesem sinne: für den Pop-Syndikalismus!


3 Responses to “Rethink »Rethinking Crimethinc.«”

  1. 1 yetzt September 12, 2006 at 11:18 pm

    allein schon

    Es gibt zwei Wege aus dem Kapitalismus, Revolution oder Tod. Jeder, der Dir etwas anderes erzählt, liegt einfach nur falsch

    ist plakativ-populistische gequirlte scheisse.


    There are two ways out of capitalism, revolution or death. Anybody who tells you otherwise is simply wrong.

    is striking-populist bullshit.

  2. 2 brib September 13, 2006 at 6:30 am

    das buch evasion ist zb. m.E. die größte glorofizierung eines sinnlosen drop outs leben und oft hatte ich beim lesen das gefühl das da ein Macho von sich redet.

  3. 3 mo5tar September 19, 2006 at 7:44 am

    Dear Mr. Connolly,
    First of all, Abbie Hoffman, a prize-idiot? Are you joking? Do you know what he did, how active was he? how much he pushed for and achieved? I doubt you even read any of his discourse or books!!
    And in that same manner, you’ve approached crimethinc.
    For one, who ever said that crimethinc is a unified thing? that they all agree on what is being said and written? Even in crimethinc books, there are great differences, within each book (for example the contrast between join the revolution fall in love, and hedon).. and between different books.
    Not everyone who thinks of themselves as a crimethincer wants to live in a dumpster. But it is rather the idea and the approach to it that is in common.
    The idea is that Anarchy, as much as it is a political idea and movement, it is a personal experience, it is about everyone being completely liberated from all sorts of social, economic, and political boundaries.
    Now, you might hate that. As many old-class Anarchists do. Inspired by the traditional leftist attitude that politics can only be discussed in debate sessions, and over cups of coffee in Italian cafes. A true intellegentsia like you feels the need to be “proper”. And thus not allowing others to express how they feel about it.
    But let’s look at it from your perspective. Isn’t Anarchy really a personal experience?
    Anarchy is not just about the basic political analysis, it is about doing whatever you want whenever you want it. And it is having “that what you want” not limit, but rather unlimit others around you. As Malatesta put it in his Anarchy paper, it is through the power of association that the human race has gone this far. Association with each other, having your acts empower others. In that sense, “your freedom ends when others’ freedom starts” is a fake argument. In reality, your freedom starts when others’ freedom starts as well. Because by you doing whatever you want, you’d be empowering others.
    It is in that exchange, that empowerment, the vision of Anarchy lives. Because Anarchy is not just about dismantling the negative aspects of our society, but rather about building a new vision for the future. About enabling new horizons. And those horizons have nothing to do with “political analysis”, they have nothing to do with the “class struggle”, and most certainly nothing to do with the “seirousness” you ask revolutionaries to be. It is a whole new world, that is about joy, adventure, and creativity. I know you must think these are some luxuries only the rich kids can think of them, but you’re wrong. I’d hate to break to you the news that poor kids in developing countries also want to live with joy, carefree, and go on adventures in their lives, and explore their creative energy that they have within. Anarchy is about opening this limitless world for them. A world when social, political, and economic factors have diminished, allowing everyone to do whatever they want. And having that “thing they want” not only not harm others, but benefit them.
    Crimethinc, is a vision of that future. Some of us would reside to it after a long tiring day of work. Think about the future they have ahead, some might use it as energy to change their personal lives and fate.
    I do not understand how can you be against something that is so varied and contrasting from within? I understand you cannot live without your seriousness, coffee, cigars, but haven’t you thought that the whole idea of fighting for a better world is to actually achieve that better world and enjoy it?

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