Yesterday prometoys invited me to Mugshot a web 2.0 thingy I just heard a few words ago on Planet Gnome when it still looked very beta. So what is Mugshot? Mugshot basicly could be descibed as a mix of group-chats,, and myspace but I like it mutch more because its free software and it brings you all new things that get posted right on to your desktop, you need to install the mugshot client in order for mugshot to work right.

So what exactly can you do with it? First you have some sort of profile where you can add alot of external services that are syndicated into your mugshot and your friends see all updates on these external services on their stacker a list of items that pops on to your desktop when ever something new comes in. You can creat or follow groups and post web links to these groups or individual so these pop up and you can even talk about these pages. Every group also got a own chat room. I can’t explain Mugshot fully yet Iam really new to it but I think I like it and its something interesting to kepp watching. So go on, register and download the client. And don’t forget to join the Anarchists Group 😉

I had some problems with firefox and mugshot chatting because firefox didn’t knew what to do with the mugshot protocol the solution is quiet easy. I had some help over here. You simply point firefox to about:config right click and select new String which should have the name and the value /usr/bin/mugshot-uri-handler.
If you use amarok (as I do) you need to install the Mugshot Plugin if you want your Music Radar to work.

Okay have fun with Mugshot and please let me know if you have a account 😉

Update: What I still miss on Mugshot is that I would like to set prioritize for stacker pop ups, for example I want to see all posts by my friends but not from the GNOMErs Group, but I don’t want to leave the group either I guess you can do this already by selecting hush on items in the stacker.


3 Responses to “Mugshotting”

  1. 1 prometoys January 6, 2007 at 5:27 pm

    Yeah, mugshot is quite funny. First what I like is, that not only the client is FOSS, also the server software is completly free software.

    Unfortunetaly “Hush” only works for 15 minutes. There should also a Do-not-Disturb or sleep option, so you can deactivate the client without to quit it (like going offline in your IM-Client).

    I am curios where mugshot will moving and if it will be hell or heaven for us…

    If you need an account, let me know.

  2. 2 prometoys January 7, 2007 at 11:25 am

    I make a mistake. If you “hush” a group or person in your stacker, it will be “hushed” until you unhush (hush, hush, baby 😉 )

    If you hush the complete stacker, it will just take effect for a while…

    I hope this time I don’t tell so much bullshit, like in my last comment…

  3. 3 paten January 9, 2007 at 11:38 am

    Ich werd’ das mal antesten wenn mein Internet mal wieder richtig geht 😉

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